Hello, good people!

Here we would like to share with you a sad story!

This is Peter's story. Peter Yovchev. This name you may have known and associated with stories other than the one you are about to learn.
You could dream and aspire to be like him, to inspire your child's future, and to be an example of a successful athlete.
But today, Petar Yovchev can be the only inspiration for a sad movie script.
He was born on September 21, 1985, he is 37 years old, and lives in Sofia - Bulgaria.

Before anyone even thought about the appearance of Peter, a man named Exarch Joseph I (Lazar Yovchev), a prominent clergyman, head of the Bulgarian Exarchy, with an outstanding contribution to the preservation of the unity of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, will be his direct ancestor. Dimo Grozev, world-famous spearfishing competitor, will be his grandfather. Lazar Yovchev, national rowing champion, will be his father and coach. Such blood will flow in Peter's veins. It will show in his character and abilities at an early age and will place him among the hopes of Bulgarian sports.
Until November 10, 2005 - 20 years old, Peter is a wonderful young man and athlete, a windsurfing competitor from Sports Club "Cyklon" - Pomorie, a participant in PWA competitions, a student at the National Sports Academy, with great ambitions, and a bright future as an athlete.

If this story has touched you even a little, you can help by making a donation at the bottom of the page. The funds collected from your donations will be used to improve Peter's quality of life. We will also be grateful if someone offers him a job - perhaps as a porter, in a warehouse of a chain store or another place for hard work. Engaged with her, he will feel busy, needed, useful. Thank you even if you do nothing more than reading this text. Now you know the story and you can share it with friends so it reaches more people.